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Go to Back up.
Load it back up.
Hit the reset.

No sweat, no proof.
I stick it in the smokestack.
Blow it through the roof.
I get a third wind, reboot, recoop
Refuse to give in. Re-apply. Get juiced.
Get in use. Get a plan. Get fired up.
Set a goal. Set a course. Set the dial up.
File in. Oiled up. Coiled hot and boiled up.
Ready for the routine. Ready for the shop.

No pain, no profit.
I bite my tongue down and strike that docket.
Push that push broom. Tackle that project.
I put more back into pushing that product.
Fan out. Stay cool. Stay active.
Stay calm. Set alarms when I practice.
Break a leg. Break an arm. Make an excess.
No harm, no foul in some extra

(Working.) No guts, no glory.
Wanna do big things? Fit into the story?
Scrape that spine down. Grind over worry.
Push that weight till the days turn slurry.
More legwork really won’t hurt.
Certain opportunity is only opportunity if all
The parts in unity are ready for the dirt.
Calluses are usually a perk. Keep digging.

No tears, no triumph.
Don’t give in. Don’t sleep. Don’t dry up.
Let no loose thread go untied-up.
Let no bruised head keep you in the pile up.
Don’t take a break. Override that. –ah
Crick in the small of the lower right back. Ah.
Throw it right back. No slack. No furlough.
I never just cruise with the drive off turbo.

Arrive on the dot with a ringing up in one ear
Time on the clock read “You are never done here.”
Even when you’re not here, you are never not here.
When you get the job clear, there’s another job there.
Another truckload. Another bum gear.
Another upload. Another long year.
It’s another joint sprain. It’s another spill.
This is not an oil stain. This is not a drill.
This time it’s for real, no skipping or ignoring it.
It’s a raw deal. I’m tripping, but the more I get
Sore, the more I wanna stretch, grin and bear it.
I can hold it off, but it’s getting more apparent.
And I’m at a loss for a way around the errors.
I’m getting to a point where I’m wearing my appearance
Bleary eyed, burnt out, Nothing in reaction,
If it’s out of my hands, then the only option is to…

Go To Back up.
Load it back up.
Hit the reset.


from .d0t​:​: A RotoPlastic Ballet, released April 30, 2017
Written by Navid Azeez
Composed by Mike Winch & Navid Azeez
Guitar by Nick Wilby
Additional voices by Mike Winch
Percussion samples courtesy of Brick Hill Properties
0li::v3 text by Aaron Bliden
0li::v3 voiced by Rachel Menyuk
Mixed and Mastered by David Ray



all rights reserved


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Dedicated to creating bold, visceral, and affordable spectacles that gleefully smash the traditional boundaries between puppetry, theatre, dance, music, and visual arts.

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